3 Reasons You Want To Make Sure Your Windshield Is Repaired Correctly

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If you have an area of concern in your windshield, such as a crack or a chip, you should really consider taking it in and getting it looked at by a professional. Below you will learn the three main reasons why you want to take the condition of your windshield seriously and not put off getting it looked at when you think there may be a problem: The windshield is your car's first restraint system

20 November 2014

Easily Remove Old Tint From Your Car's Windows And Windshield

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Removing old tint from your car can be a messy and tedious process if you opt to remove it without loosening it ahead of time. Instead of struggling with this task, use an alternative method to receive satisfying results. After the tint has been removed, your car will be ready for the application of new tint or you can leave the windows and windshield in their original condition. Use These Supplies

10 November 2014