3 Reasons You Want To Make Sure Your Windshield Is Repaired Correctly

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If you have an area of concern in your windshield, such as a crack or a chip, you should really consider taking it in and getting it looked at by a professional. Below you will learn the three main reasons why you want to take the condition of your windshield seriously and not put off getting it looked at when you think there may be a problem:

The windshield is your car's first restraint system

You may think that your car's seat belts and air bags are considered to be the number one restraint. However, the windshield is actually considered the first restraint in an automobile. It is what makes sure your stay inside the vehicle in case of a significant impact. In fact, should your other restraints fail or not be turned on or fastened correctly, the windshield will be there constantly.

The windshield also acts as a roll bar

If you happen to get involved in a roll-over accident, your windshield will take a lot of the force and it will act as a roll bar. The windshield is designed to take on a lot of trauma without shattering. The windshield may break in an accident, but you'll notice that it does so in a manner that leaves it shattered while remaining in place. When your car rolls over, the roof should naturally crush inward, but the design and strength of the windshield helps the roof of the car to retain its shape, helping to keep you and any other occupants in the car safe.

The windshield is a big part of the entire structure

The windshield of your car is a big part of its overall structure and it helps to ensure the integrity of the car. The entire upper portion of your car, such as the roof, would not be as sound as it is if it weren't for the actual windshield providing strength and stability.


The importance of your windshield should not be taken lightly. Any time you notice a chip, crack or another possible problem with your windshield, you want to take it in and have it repaired by a professional. It's not a good idea to try to repair the windshield yourself without at least getting a professional's opinion. You need to make sure the integrity of your windshield is going to be the same so that you can continue to count on it to fully protect you.


20 November 2014

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