Driving Emergency Preparation: 4 Reasons Emergency Blankets Are An Emergency Item For All Seasons


They may look like an ordinary item in the camping aisle of your local sporting goods store, but emergency blankets could easily be a lifesaver if you get caught in a sticky situation as a driver. These small blankets, which fold away into a tiny square you could easily stick in your glove box, pocket, or purse, are a must-have for many emergency situations you may run into as a driver. Check out these four reasons why every driver should have at least a few of these emergency blankets on hand before they take off in their vehicle, whether in the winter or summer. 

1. Stay warm in frigid temperatures. - Emergency blankets are a common survival tool because they have this amazing ability to hold in your own body heat to keep you warm even though they are hardly thicker than a piece of paper. If you get stranded in the winter with no heat and are left to wait long periods for help to get to you, an emergency blanket could be all you need to ensure you stay warm and toasty. Simply wrap the blanket around your body to stay warm.

2. Flag down help. - In the event you are stranded with no lights and need to get the attention of drivers in the distance, and emergency blanket could be used to wave like a flag to get someone to notice you. You could even cut the blanket into strips and tie the strips on your bumper or car antenna. 

3. Protect yourself from the sun. - In the summertime, one of your biggest threats while waiting for help is the summer sun beaming through your car windows. You can use emergency heating blankets much the same as you would a sun shield by placing them over windows with the reflective side out toward the sun. This reflects the hot sunrays out away from your car and prevents you from overheating or getting a sunburn.

4. Keep your car visible after dark with no lights. - There are few things more dangerous than being stranded on the side of a busy highway after dark with no battery power left to leave your flashers or headlights on. If you have an emergency blanket in your car, you can stretch it over the backside of your vehicle so other drivers can see you. The reflective silver lining will light up brightly when hit by headlights.

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6 January 2017

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