Easily Remove Old Tint From Your Car's Windows And Windshield

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Removing old tint from your car can be a messy and tedious process if you opt to remove it without loosening it ahead of time. Instead of struggling with this task, use an alternative method to receive satisfying results. After the tint has been removed, your car will be ready for the application of new tint or you can leave the windows and windshield in their original condition.

Use These Supplies

  • soapy water
  • spray bottle
  • ammonia
  • razor blade
  • plastic sheeting
  • scissors
  • canvas drop cloth
  • duct tape
  • scrub brush
  • lint-free cloths
  • glass cleaner
  • rubber gloves
  • safety goggles

Protect The Interior

You will be spraying soap, water, and ammonia onto the tint covered windows. Although the chances of these substances getting into your car are slim, it is still smart to protect the interior just in case any of the windows leak. Place a canvas drop cloth over the seats and floorboard. If you do not have more than one drop cloth, you can move it to different parts of the interior as you make progress with the tint removal steps.

Spray The Solution And Cover It

Add dish detergent and hot water to a spray bottle. Spray this mixture onto one of the tint-covered sections of glass. Cover it with plastic sheeting, trapping the heat in and allowing the mixture to penetrate. It will begin to loosen the tint. After a couple hours, spray ammonia over the tint-covered section. Ammonia is strong, so cover your hands with gloves and wear protective goggles so that it does not cause you any irritation. Recover the glass with the sheeting. Tape it down so that it remains in place while you are waiting for the tint to continue loosening. 

Begin To Peel Off The Tint

Use a razor blade to lift the edge of the tint and continue pulling this piece by hand. If the soap, water, and ammonia have effectively loosened the tint, it should be easy to pull off. If you notice that the layers are separating and you are having a hard time getting a grip on a piece that is large enough to pull, cover up the glass for a longer amount of time. While removing the tint, keep the glass wet by spraying it down with soap and water. Remove each piece and discard of the mess. Once finished, use a scrub brush to loosen any adhesive that has been left behind.

Rinse, Clean And Dry

Use a hose to rinse the soap, water, ammonia, and residue that is on the surface of the glass. Clean each window with standard glass cleaner and a lint-free cloth. The windows will be easy to see through and you will have the option of adding a fresh layer of tint onto them or leaving them in their original condition. If you have trouble removing the tint, talk to a specialist like West Coast Solar Concepts Inc.


10 November 2014

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