Winter Care Tips For Your Windshield

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Many parts of your car will require some attention for optimal performance. Your windshield is one of them. And it has such an important job to do—providing you with excellent visibility and protecting you from the elements, while keeping you safe in case of a collision. Here are some ways that you can protect your windshield to make sure that it does its job.

First: Repair Any Existing Cracks

The first thing to do is a visual inspection to make sure that there are no existing cracks on your windshield. Sometimes, a crack can start out as a small pit that emerged when a rock hit your window. You might not notice it at first, but then the rock chip gets worse and starts to form a crack along your windshield. If you can catch small areas of damage early on, you might avoid having that huge crack emerge.

When you get auto glass repair early on for a small chip or crack, they may be able to smooth out the edges of the damage and then inject a glass glue to hold the window together. This glass epoxy is designed to be transparent, so that it affects the appearance of the windshield as little as possible and doesn't detract from your ability to see out the windshield. Getting these cracks fixed before winter is a good idea, because the cold temperatures of winter (coupled with the heat of your car's heater) can encourage these cracks to get bigger quickly. Windshield replacement or repair protects you and your passengers because a cracked windshield is not a reliable piece of safety glass in the case of an accident.

Second: Be Sure Your Wipers Are Ready

Your wipers have an important job to do as well, and they need a little love each year. Replacing the wiper blades is an affordable way to rejuvenate your wipers. Also check to ensure your windshield wiper fluid reservoir is full, since cold temperatures can affect the volume of fluids.

Third: Prepare for Temperature Changes

Finally, you might want to invest in a windshield cover to keep your windshield at a consistent temperature throughout the season. You won't need to wait to defrost and deice your windshield each time you want to drive. It's also great for preventing cracks on your windshield, since the temperature change on the glass won't be as drastic when you first heat up your car in the morning.

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29 December 2016

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