Decorating Your Home With Objects From The Auto Salvage Yard

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Each day age or accidents put motor vehicles out of commission. Many of the vehicles that consumers no longer want to drive end up in auto salvage yards. These salvage yards can provide you with a plethora of materials to help you express your love for autos through your home decor.

Here are three simple home decor projects you can complete using objects purchased from your local auto salvage yard.

1. Swap the knobs on your cabinets or dressers.

If you want to add some automotive flair to your kitchen or bedroom, then using door handles and window cranks salvaged from vintage automobiles can be a great solution.

All you have to do is use a screwdriver to remove the existing knobs from your kitchen cabinets and drawer pulls from your bedroom dresser, then replace these hardware items with the door handles and window cranks you purchased from your local salvage yard. The resulting aesthetic will be a subtle nod to your love for motor vehicles.

2. Create commemorative wall plaques.

Automotive manufacturer brands are iconic in and of themselves. If you are a car enthusiast, you likely have a favorite auto maker. You can easily add some decorative art to your home's walls and pay tribute to your favorite auto maker by using old metal auto emblems from the salvage yard to create commemorative plaques.

Start by purchasing a piece of plywood. Use stains to distress and age the wood. Next, visit your local salvage yard to find some make and model emblems that embody your love for cars. Use a wire brush to clean any rust from these emblems, and glue one into the center of each wood plaque using some wood glue. You will create some graphically stunning art pieces for your walls that reflect your love for cars.

3. Craft a unique clock.

You can pick up a hubcap and some old license plates from your local salvage yard to help you create a unique clock to display in your home. Look for license plates that contain the numbers one through twelve.

Clean the hubcap and plates with a wire brush to remove dirt and debris, then use a pair of tin snips to cut out each number from the license plates for your clock. Glue the numbers in the correct positions around the outside of the hubcap, install a clock mechanism in the center of the hubcap, and then display your unique automotive clock in your home.

Creating home decor items with objects found at a local auto salvage yard, such as Southwest Auto Salvage, is a simple way to express your love for motor vehicles.


12 December 2016

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