Please Don't Leave Me: How To Feel More Comfortable Leaving Your Car At A Repair Shop Overnight

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There are some car repair issues, such as oil changes and wiring issues that can be performed immediately on your vehicle. Then there are some problems, such as a blown head gasket and engine issues, that may take a little bit longer. Having to leave your prized possession at a car repair shop overnight can cause you to feel a little anxious. Here are some tips for feeling more at ease while leaving your car in the hands of an auto shop overnight.

Low crime areas only

Leaving your car in a low crime area certainly gives you the ability to feel better about leaving your baby overnight. Go for a shop in an area that has a low prevalence of property crimes and car thefts. There are applications for the phone or tablet that can give you information on crimes in a specific zip code or even on a particular street. Look at crime first, then make a good choice on where to leave your car.

Indoors versus outdoors

In harsh weather, such as extremely hot temperatures or snow, leaving your car outside can cause more issues that can put you back in the repair shop. Ask the auto repair shops where, precisely your vehicle will be parked every night. Some car repair shops have the ability lock all vehicles on the interior of their facilities. Others will leave cars outside. Those that leave cars outside are not all created equal. Shops that have fencing and are locked up at night are safer than those that will remain in a simple parking lot. Know exactly where your car will be left before you make an option.

Is the shop insured?

If you are leaving your car at a building overnight, you want to go with a shop (such as Southside Auto Repair) that has insurance. Ask the owner of the shop about their insurance information before you opt to leave your vehicle. If the owner dodges the question, then take your car elsewhere. If a car repair shop takes receipt of your vehicle overnight, they are liable for any damage or break-in that happens on their property. In a case where your car has sustained damage, it is easiest to be able to go through the mechanic shops insurance, rather than having to go through the costly process to sue them plus pay out of pocket for further car issues while you wait for that case to be settled.  


27 July 2015

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