Bring The Cost Down On Teenage Auto Insurance Rates

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When your teen reaches the age to drive they need to understand there are a lot of responsibilities associated with driving. Their responsibilities go beyond being a safe driver. They need to not only learn to be a good driver, but how to be financially smart when it comes to driving and having auto insurance.

Here are a few things you should talk with your teen driver about before they are allowed to get their license so you can trust them on the road, and so you don't have to pay a fortune for their auto insurance coverage.

Get Good Grades

Getting good grades isn't just going to help them in other ways, like getting into college, but it's going to help keep their auto insurance rates low. This isn't just in high school, but they can carry these discounts into their post-high school education and training if they keep their grades up. Let them know if their grades fall, they have to pay for the increase in coverage.

Take Driver's Training

Driver's training provides numerous benefits both financially and for safety purposes. The driver's training program teaches the student the laws of the road, how to drive, and give's the young driver experience behind the wheel.You can contact a local driving school, like American Driving Academy, to find out the course offerings in your area.

Taking this type of course instead of showing up at the licensing bureau to test for a license at a specific age also earns another auto insurance discount, lowering the coverage cost. Some companies are willing to give an 8 percent discount on coverage for the successful completion of a training course.

Enroll in Defensive Driving

Defensive driving teaches the young driver to watch out for other driver's that may have risky driving behavior, and for potential collisions. This is a course that can usually be taken online through the website of the state DMV where you live. This is a great course for everyone in the family to take.

Your teen is considered a high risk driver to cover because they are inexperienced. Teenagers are more likely to get into an accident than other adults, so it costs more to insure them. You'll want to use these different discounts to your advantage to save money on your teen's coverage, and you should shop around. Explain to your teen that keeping their driving record clean will help them get lower coverage rates in the future when they are no longer high risk.


24 June 2015

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